About us

LondonĀ and Vienna

Digital Celluloid is a bespoke production company delivering high quality audiovisual products at every stage of the creative process. With bases in London and Vienna, the company enjoys working with talented professionals to fulfil challenging and creatively rewarding projects.

As a young company with a production rather than directorial focus, Digital Celluloid provides highly versatile and fully tailored solutions for all types of filming needs. Operating without the constraints of a single artistic vision or creative direction, the company can innovate in ways larger production companies simply cannot afford to do, helping to deliver under budget and before deadline wherever possible.

With access to a large network of professional affiliates and a deep talent pool at its disposal, the company prides itself on the ability to match the right team to each individual project, seeking out the relevant experience and skill sets to deliver its clients creative vision however large or small the production.

To date, the company has worked on a variety of projects, from small independent music videos and online viral marketing assignments, to larger feature-length documentaries covering a diverse range of subjects, including football in Africa, artist David Hockney, and a band on tour for a major record label.

The Company has also worked on a number of corporate projects.

To find out more write to contact@digitalcelluloid.co.uk

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